Friday, July 2, 2010

Ebates Rebates: Free Cash Back With Ebates

Do you shop online? Not just Amazon, but for everyday stuff? Like clothes, gifts, music, vitamins, electronics, magazines, books, and kids stuff?
Most of us do these days. Wouldn't it be great to get cash back everytime you shop online?

That's what Ebates does. You buy online and Ebates sends you a check. You get cash back with Ebates everytime you buy something.

Okay, so what's the scam? Let me guess... I have to spend like a bazillion dollars a month online with Ebates and I'll get $5 cash back right?

Wrong. Spend any amount using Ebates and get a percentage back of the purchase price. Everytime.

Yeah, but I bet the Ebates "stores" are all multi level marketing no-name brand companies that are part of Ebates, right?

Wrong. Unless stores like Ann Taylor, Linens and Things, The Gap, Radio Shack and Walmart are all owned by Ebates. Stores you shop at everyday give rebates through Ebates.

Okay, so what's the scam? If I buy through Ebates, I pay a higher price and get a few cents back, right?

No scam. Compare prices buying through Ebates and buying direct online. The prices are the same. But buyers pay less in the end because Ebates pays cash back for every purchase.

But I bet Ebates does not really give cash back. They send some gift card you can only use at their store. Or maybe they have one of those confusing point systems.

Nope, Ebates sends what they call, a Big Fat Check every time your account reaches $10.00. Take the check to the bank and deposit it. It's real money and buyers can track their rebates online.

Okay, but I am sure Ebates has some one time fee to join like $69.95 or something.

Ebates is completely free to join and there's no committments, no monthly minimums and no contracts. Just join, shop and get cash back.

So how does Ebates work?

Ebates works directly with retailers for cash back incentives when buyers shop online. But rather than keep the cash, they share it with shoppers!

Rebates are a percentage of the final sale. It can be anywhere from 1% all the way to 10% or more. Also, Ebates reguarly has super big rebate deals where buyers can get even more cash back, bonuses and free shipping on their purchases.

So how can I sign up and get started with Ebates?

Sign up with Ebates here and start saving today!